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Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

Payment Service Providers (PSPs) play a pivotal role in advancing eNaira adoption, offering digital payment solutions to businesses and individuals. PSPs integrating eNaira into their existing payment options establishes an expansive eNaira ecosystem, this furnishes PSPs with a robust, cost-effective, and instant payment alternative. Leveraging CBDC technology allows PSPs to explore limitless innovations.

Licensed PSPs need to complete the following checklist.

Application for eNaira Partner Agent

  • Letter of application to be an eNaira partner agent
  • PSP licence

Application For a Letter of No Objection

  • Letter of application for a No Objection
  • eNaira partner agent engagement letter issued by DITD/executed MoU
  • eNaira innovative product/concept/User Journey document
  • Certificate of completion of eNaira Sandbox operation (successful/failed with comments)
  • Roll-out plan with target and timelines to increase adoption (onboarding and transactions) from partner agent