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Integration with National Switch

The integration with the National Switch allows the eNaira to perform seamless transactions between the eNaira CBDC and FIAT currency. This capability is further strengthened by the eNaira’s NUBAN (Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number) ID, which uniquely identifies eNaira wallets and supports interoperability with other payment systems through NIBSS Instant Payment (NIP).

Each eNaira wallet is assigned a distinct NUBAN ID, ensuring a secure and standardized approach to accessing and managing your eNaira funds. This facilitates easy money transfers, payments, and wallet management across various financial platforms and institutions.


Enable seamless top-up via third-party endpoints with PSSPs and payment endpoint service providers.


The eNaira’s reliable payment technology ensures the safety of transactions and eliminates the risk of truncated or reversed transactions, saving businesses from the costly and time-consuming consequences.

Cash-In, Cash-Out

Enable eNaira cash-in and cash-out through diverse touchpoints at financial institutions, including mobile and internet banking, POS and ATM, USSD, web platforms, agent networks, and third-party channels.