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Experience Hassle-Free Payments with eNaira.

The eNaira Merchant wallet is a secure and convenient payment channel that enables merchants to easily receive payments in eNaira. It can be linked to the merchant’s business bank account, providing more payment options and expanding their customer base.

Start transacting with eNaira today.

eNaira offers businesses secure payments, easy integration, low fees, and instant settlements. It ensures transparency, reducing fraud risks. These benefits streamline operations, save costs, and enhance security for seamless digital transactions.

Safe for businesses

The eNaira’s reliable payment technology ensures the safety of transactions and eliminates the risk of truncated or reversed transactions, saving businesses from the costly and time-consuming consequences.

Low transaction fees

The eNaira has low transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods, which can help businesses save money. This makes it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Instant settlements

The eNaira enables instant settlements for transactions by mitigating intermediaries. Businesses can receive funds quickly and efficiently with the eNaira.

Reduced fraud

The eNaira’s digital ledger provides a transparent and tamper-proof record of all transactions, reducing the risk of fraud. This benefit provides businesses with added security and peace of mind when using the eNaira for transactions.

Easy to integrate

The eNaira can be easily added to existing payment systems, making it a convenient option for businesses. This way, businesses don’t need to completely switch to a new payment system, but rather integrate the eNaira as an additional payment option.

Merchant wallet for every business.

Business Wallet

The Business Wallet allows registered businesses to transact using the eNaira.

  • Company TIN
  • Director’s BVN
  • No Wallet Limit
  • Unlimited Transactions

Small Business Wallet

The Small Business Wallet allows unregistered businesses to transact with the eNaira.

  • BVN Required
  • Wallet Cap – ₦5m
  • Daily Withrawal Limit – ₦1m
  • Daily Credit Limit – ₦1m